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What I included and what I trashed…

During the building phase of my project, I have realised what I have time for and what I don’t have time for. I gave up some of the things I thought I could do without sacrificing the overall learning goals I set for myself. I have been enjoying styling my website with CSS and I have found a way to make the images on my site hover with CSS rather than using Javascript.

This link was the basis of the image hover and I tweaked it for my own purposes – I found Javascript to be too hard to learn for me in a short space of time.


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Useful website design tecnniques

This is a useful website to get out of my perspective and take advice from the user’s side I couldn’t incorporate all of these techniques but used the advice on colour and making sure there is space between letters to make my text more readable on my site. The website shows how small changes can effect the usability of your website and that paying attention to the detail can pay off.

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