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I have watched the video for tomorrow and I understand the premise behind Javascript and when someone describes it slowly to me I can get it but when I look at a line of code, it confuses me. Lucky I didn’t pick it as a large part of my project, not sure if I will use it at all. I know it can do loads of cool interactive things and that it is good practise to have an external file to accommodate people who have not enabled it – so that the code is not embedded into the html. But I think it would take me ages to be a wizz at Javascript. Funnily enough php seems more logical to me!

Does anyone else feel this way about Javascript?


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CSS Positioning

I haven’t blogged for a bit, I have been experimenting, building and researching all at once.

I am developing my final project and I am playing around with CSS positioning – fixed, absolute and relative, to position information on my website.

Fixed position is fixing the position of an element so that when the user scrolls it stays in that same position.

Relative positioned element can be used for container blocks – as they are relative to their normal position. Absolute positioned elements are removed from the normal flow (default page behaviour) and are absolute to the first parent element (can be the relative positioned element). This link describes it well

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