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Reflections on Macro/Micro Analysis

Just wanted to reflect on my experience doing my micro/macro analysis. I found the referencing the thing that stumped me a little bit as I have not done this in a long time and felt rusty.

I looked at both Harvard style and Bell referencing and felt that the examples were hard to adjust to my assignment and I wasn’t sure on which way to reference some in text especially with websites. I feel I wasted too much time worrying whether I was doing it correctly and not enough on the material.

I did learn more about the technologies and found that there is so much to understand about these technologies.

Can anyone help me with this or explain in a simple way how to reference websites in text?


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  1. Hi Cristen,

    Sorry to hear you spent so much time on referencing. Referencing is always something that will take a lot of time. I have wrote a lot of research papers and am kind of familiar with the referencing.

    In-text referencing for a website is almost similar to other sources such as journal papers. You need to include the author name and the year of publication.

    If a web page has an author (i.e. an online article) include the author’s name and the date the page was created or last time the page was updated.

    If a web page does not have an author, you need to add the website name which is the organisation who created or hosts the web page.

    If you can not find the last updated date then you have to find the copyright date ( i.e. Copyright © 2003-2009, then the year should be 2009).

    Let me give you a complete example.

    You want to reference this website (from your own Macro and Micro analysis) in your text:

    You can write (Keith 2005) or (Adactio 2005). Because you need to add “The person or organisation who wrote or created the web page” which in this case the Adactio website is owned and managed by Jeremy Keith and was written on October 3rd 2005.

    When writing the full reference you need to write:

    Keith J. 2005, A Brief History of JavaScript (in italics), Adactio, viewed 12 April 2010,

    Hope this helps.


    Comment by Zahra | April 19, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Zahra,

      Thanks for the detailed information on referencing. I find your walk through very helpful and clear. Used it for my assignment 🙂


      Comment by Sarah | May 30, 2010 | Reply

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