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Ideas for my website

In my draft learning proposal I wanted to learn more about html and cascading style sheets in order to create a site that looked good. My idea is to create a site that displays photographs that I have taken and as I am doing digital graphics and the still image, I think this would also be a good way of showing the different photoshop images that I have worked on during class.

I have been going onto and looking at the video exercises on html and css. But I have also gone into a little of the javascript tutorials too. At first I just wanted to figure out what they are used for but it is also a good way to develop skills and learn. For html I think I am going to play around and experiment in notepad++ to see what I can do and where I need to develop. Then move on to CSS after that. I think with CSS I want to first look at various websites that I like to research how other people use CSS in websites.


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